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The different types of bricks are used for different purposes. For instance, burnt clay bricks are best for making foundations, columns, and masonry walls. Sand lime bricks are used to make pillars, walls, and for ornamental purposes. Moreover, engineering bricks are used in the lining of furnaces chimneys, and to lay the foundation of buildings. Concrete bricks are the strongest of all and are manufactured using different pigments. They are utilized in the construction of fences and brickwork for the walls.


We are leading manufacturers & pioneers in brick manufacturing, since 1980’s. We provide building bricks of all types like Hand made, Wire Cut, Machine Press.

Clay bricks

we having wide range of designs with customized sizes we provide Bricks for your home and offices including floor tiles & roof tiles in different design shapes and colors.

Designed Bricks

We also provide different types of Face bricks with different designs like pattern, border, top edge and pillar with different sizes standard and customized.

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Brick production is something very old and conventional methods are still used nowadays. However, the quality of every brick is different. Many brick companies have incorporated the latest machinery and methods to create more bricks in less time. There are the following steps most brick manufacturers use. It includes:

C.E.O S. Ashfaq shaikh

Ghazi Bricks started its online journey in the year 2023 with the aim to maintain its premium quality and high standards along with professional integrity. Recently, we have added diverse range of building bricks and intend to add other relevant products. We are committed to maintain the same legacy of expanding our market share and portfolio diversification this year and beyond.

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We are leading manufacturers and pioneers in clay brick manufacturing, since the 1980’s. We are locally covering some major and significant projects e.g Karachi steel Mill, Lahore Airport, Lums University, Shaukat khannam hospital, Holiday Inn, Al hamra Hall, GPO Lahore, etc. Striving to give you the best quality, economy, and prompt delivery. Having a wide range of designs with customized sizes.

Fly ash brick

Fly ash brick

Fire brick

Fire brick

Concrete Brick

Concrete Brick

Glass brick

Glass brick

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